Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NEW (fur) BABY!!!

My family adopted the most precious 10-year old Dalmatian yesterday!  Her name is Roux.  She is amazing, we all love her so much! 

We have known Roux since she was a baby.  She belonged to my brother and his wife.  She was my "niece" before my niece (then nephew, nephew, niece) was born.  Over the past year she has lost a "fur sister" and her family is now splitting up.  She has been very loved, but very stressed and has lost a TON of weight.  But, she hasn't lost her spirit!  

When my brother told me she was looking for a new home, I knew she belonged here.  Mr. Mama didn't immediately agree.  He suggested she come over for a playdate with our dogs, and within 3 minutes he told me we needed to buy a bigger bed.  She instantly became besties with our Labrador, and the Pomeranian only tried to eat her face off twice, so it was a done deal!

She is the best girl!  Ridiculously sweet and laid back!  She's the first one to "sit" for a treat, barely barks, hasn't piddled anywhere and she just FITS!  We are well on our way to spoiling her rotten!

(The above photo is of Roux passed out at the end of the couch.  I took it with no lights on with my Blackberry.  Sorry.)

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